Once again I state that the following is merely a translation of what was written ages ago ;)

original date of publishing: 10.7.2010, just after midnight

I’ll add one more piece so you don’t suffer from withdrawal. It’s bad enough that I will. There’s a song for you, a few thoughts on illegal downloading of music, a little look ahead to the future of this series, and a birthday greeting at the very end.

I’m getting ahead of myself, but today I cannot resist this song. I smell summer in it! The most summery summer in the deepest corner of your body and soul. Tomorrow (no wait, actually today) in the morning I’m leaving and I’ll be gone for 2-3 weeks. The most tragic thing about that is that I’ll be without Take That’s music. I don’t know how I’ll survive that :’( Guess I’ll have to sing. I only listen to them in online streams on youtube. I don’t have to money to buy the albums and ... somehow I don’t want to download them from wherever. In other cases I sometimes do it, but when an interpret is special and close to my heart, I can’t. I’d feel terribly about it. Although it is a little bit self-destructive at the moment, because I will miss them soooo much :( What do you think about illegal downloading of music?

But I got sidetracked. Here’s the summery song Beautiful World from the album of the same name. Lead vocal: Howard Donald. This time it’s just the song, without a video :) Listen closely to hear the shining sun and the beautiful world :)

Just to catch your attention and tell you what you can look forward to on here, I’ll tell you what I have in store for you. That is: when I get to writing again. I plan to talk a bit about the present, ie. what they’ve been up to since the comeback, and then I will finally get to music itself. I have an idealistic plan to go through both of the new albums. I don’t want to get into all of the songs, just pick the really interesting ones or those that mean something special to me... reflect upon the lyrics a bit etc. :) That’s what I have in mind so far. But I’m sure that as time goes by, I’ll come up with some more interesting stuff. Like this article, for example, wasn’t planned at all :D

Aaaaand next, a veeeeeeery important thing: Happy Birthday to Jason Orange!!!! Today, 10th July, Jason Orange celebrates his 40th birthday :)) We must celebrate!!! I’ve realized that Jay is probably my favourite member of Take That. I mean, all of them are amazing and each one is special and unique in his own way... At the very beginning I didn’t have a favourite one. Then for a little while it was Howard, then for a longer while Mark, then even Gary and then I ended up at Jason and that’s where I’m gonna stay :D I just like him the best :) For many various reasons :) For example: He is a very intellectual and sophisticated person who can talk so beautifully, and you can see that he thinks about stuff very deeply; You can probably say that he is the best dancer out of them. Breakdancer even! (I mean, the moves he can pull off, at his age... unbelievable!!!) but even otherwise, there’s so much feeling and expression in his dancing; He can play the guitar :) He has a lovely voice and a lovely Mancunian accent; He has great sense of humour, so you can often see that charming smile of his... He’s like... generally... handsome O:)

So, in celebration of Jay’s birthday, let’s listen to the so many times mentioned Rule The World. live on Jonathan Ross (2007), Jason on the far right :) ignore the very end of the video ;)

God Save the Queen! God Save Jason! and God save all of you!

P.S. Talking about anniversaries and music, tomorrow on Sunday 11th July it will be 73 years from the too early death of George Gershwin.