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original date of publishing: 15.10.2010  23:42

It took me a while, but I’m back with another bit of Take That history. We’re almost in the present now. But I need to get a move on, because there’s so much exciting news going on right now, and I don’t want you to miss that. So today I’ll quickly summarize what happened since the reunion, that is in between 2005 and 2009. And next time we will look even further... or actually nearer :)


Ultimate Tour was a tour they did in 2006, practically the first thing after getting back together, and it consisted of all the good old hits from the 90’s. Thousands and thousands of fans, who have grown up as well in the meantime, remembered the times long gone by and they were weak at the knees again. The documentary on the DVD reveals a lot of interesting information about how the show was put together and what the guys thought about it. The main question was: how to come back, now in their thirties, and do all the things they did back then as young lads in a boyband, without looking really embarrassing. So they tried to make it slightly more mature. There are two numbers from this show that really caught my interest. (I also need to say there are two numbers that are less then uninteresting for me, because the ladies dancing are a bit too scantily clad and they dance in a way that makes a good girl blush :( Although I am quite content to observe that in the following shows such costumes and choreographies are fewer. Or they are at least a bit more... modest and tasteful...) Back to the interesting ones: One of them is a song that turned from the original bouncy version from the 90’s to the style of Argentine tango and the result is quite good :) And then there’s a number that was born quite spontaneously and it tackles the way the band was created all those years ago. It’s about the concept of manufacturing a boyband, the strict rules that the members had to follow (and that were for the purpose of the show shaped as the 10 commandments)... It’s really nice that they were able to look at themselves and their past in this way. They’re not denying or hiding what it was like... According to Jason, this number sort of destroys the “boyband” and allows them to take the step from “boys” to “men” in an almost cathartic way :)

I hope you’re not bored yet, reading all the text. As refreshment, have a look for yourself. It sticks out a bit when it’s out of context... But the thought behind it is brilliant. and the choreography as well, what can I tell you :)

During the Ultimate Tour, or more likely after it, or just somewhere around that time, the lads began to write new material. And this time it was all different, because all four of them participated in the writing. And that’s how their comeback album Beautiful World was born. There’s a very nice video from the bonus materials of something, where they talk about the process of writing... Just the four of them. Together :) ... It’s beautiful to see and understand how the songs came to life... hmmm :) The album was released in the autumn of 2006 and the following year there was a tour, this time including Europe as well. We’ll get to details and songs later ;) So the lads proved that they were truly back in the business and they were not going to go away.

And then there was the circus. The Circus, I mean, which is so far their last album. So far! It was released in the autumn of 2008 and the tour next year was... breathtaking! Just you wait till I tell you all about it and show you the pictures! Which means that we’ll get to details and songs later ;)

Oh and btw, if you wanted a link to some of the interviews etc. that I mention, just ask ;)

God Save the Queen, God save Take That and God save all of you!

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