Once again I state that the following is merely a translation of what was written ages ago. My views may have developed since then, my knowledge deepened...

original date of publishing: 25.10.2010 23:17

In other words: the present that is so present that it cannot be any more! Read for very very exciting news about Take That! and a slight digression towards Robbie Williams’ career. Two music videos included.


The Rumours Are True... That was the subject of an e-mail I found in my mailbox on 16th July 2010, sent from TakeThat.com. Robbie Williams is back. Take That in the original five-piece line up are working on a new album to be released in the autumn. Possibly a tour next year... Well, I’m telling you, I was out of my mind. I wasn’t exactly sure whether I was happy about it. More like I wasn’t. Although I completely understand that for all those faithful fans from the 90’s this is a dream come true... You know, I got to know Take That as a four-piece and therefore, 4 is an ideal number for me. The 90’s and that, I take it as the past of the people I love now. I accept it, but I can’t say that I need Robbie in it or anything... To put it simple I was just confused and unsure of what to think. On the other hand it is a great feeling to realize that what’s happening is a rather important thing in ... let’s say in history of the band and in British pop music. Such a breakthrough event and I am witnessing it as it happens :) The next thing was to find the official facebook profile of Take That and since then I’ve been regularly fed with news :) It seems the fans have divided into something like three fractions: pro-Robbie, anti-Robbie (emphasising that his solo career was dying, so he joined back in with his former bandmates who are still very popular...) and something in between = not too keen on Rob, but respecting their decision. That’s where I’d put myself I think. As long as they’re happy I’m good with it.

On a fine morning toward the end of summer, I turned on BBC Radio 1 and listened to the Chris Moyles Show, because Rob and Gary were guests on the programme. They were talking about the re-union and promoting Robbie’s new single, which is a duet sung and co-written with Gary. Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams telling all the story of how it happened, and it was really nice :) See that? I’ve use the words “Robbie Williams” and “really nice” in one sentence! It seems that he has grown up after all. I was really glad I could hear him talking about what he felt and how him and Gaz worked it out... So that was the day I officially ceased to hate Robbie Williams. I can’t say I like him yet, but I want to “give him a chance” to prove to me that he’s changed. And what Gary said about Take That being a five again: “The one underlining this is the music. If the music’s great, ok let’s go down that path. We’re not doing ‘Ok, this could be a great story, let’s put an album together.’ The music is first and foremost in whatever we choose to do.” He also hinted that when this project (new album + possibly a tour) is over , Rob will probably go back to being Robbie and Take That will go back to being a four-piece... or who knows what will happen... Hearing that put me a little bit at ease, I must say ;)

And then they played the new single. It’s released on Robbie’s compilation album (In and Out of Consciousness) and it’s called Shame. Music by Gary, lyrics by Rob and as he says, most of his stuff is more or less autobiographical... So is Shame. It’s just so... “Gary-and-Robbie-working-it-out-to-be-good-friends-again-and-let-everybody-know-y” :D Something like a public apology, only with music and a catchy tune. Plus there’s a sort of Blackbird-reminiscent guitar (*wink* Beatles). Have a listen :) I will make no comments about the video :D :D And I really like the lyrics: “There’s three versions of the story: mine and yours and then the truth...” Because that’s how it is. Not only for Rob and Gary.

Not long after that, the internet started to feed us impatient fans with regular doses of news about the new Take That album :) It’s going to be called Progress and is due to be released on 22.11., the first single The Flood a week before that. Together with many fans I am a bit worried, that the album might be too focused on Robbie, as the main player in the comeback of Take That – the original line-up.... for it would be a great shame to loose the balance, where each of the lads had his leads to sing. And above all we hope that Jay will have at least one track! They’ve even given us the track list now... The song titles are interesting. I’m so curious to know which songs are slow and which ones are fast and who sings what... :D check it out:

1. The Flood
2. SOS
3. Wait
4. Kidz
5. Pretty Things
6. Happy Now
7. Underground Machine
8. What Do You Want From Me?
9. Affirmation
10. Eight Letters

Just ten tracks, but I’m guessing there will be a bonus track hidden somewhere ;)

What do you say, shall we play The Flood? The brand new music video was out on 15th October... oh what can I tell you. I’m still making my opinion on the song... The first listen (not looking at the video, only listening) didn’t leave much of an impression, the second listen (with the video) was a bit better and then, God knows why, I couldn’t get it out of my head for 3 days. But I have to admit that the video gives me great joy: to see them, dear lads after such a long time and see that they’re still looking damn good, if not getting better :D

Another breaking news are expected tomorrow at 11:00 CET on the Take That website. Most probably it will be an announcement of tour dates for summer 2011. Concerts that I won’t be able to afford. How am I gonna live ? :D

God Save the Queen, God save Take That and God Save all of you!

EDIT (26. 10. 2010) Indeed, today Take That announced the dates of Progress Live Tour 2011. Apart from the UK, there are also 6 dates in Europe. They do stick to their traditional market (Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Italy), but come to think of it, Germany is not that far from here. Check out the dates: http://www.takethat.com/live Who’s got plenty of money they don’t need and will invite me to a concert??? :D :D :D ok, I’m shutting up and off to find a part-time job. see you later, alligators ;)

EDIT (29.10.2010) Today the tickets went on sale in the UK. The fans managed to break down several ticket websites, telephone lines are overloaded, hundreds of people queuing ... I’d say the agencies have underestimated the situation :D The number of tickets sold has already exceeded 1 million and Take That have broken (their own) record in ticket sales.

And me, even though I would love to go to Wembley... well maybe I’ll try for Munich next week... fhew!... :/ wish me luck.