Once again I state that the following is merely a translation of what was written ages ago. My views may have developed since then, my knowledge deepened...

original date of publishing: 5.10.2010 15:00

We’re on, ladies and gentlemen, let’s continue (not thinking about Munich concert in July at all)! The second half of the Beautiful World album cannot wait to be introduced to you. The two songs that I’m playing for you today are of a slightly more serene nature, and I do put an inconspicuous emphasis on the second one :) So enjoy reading and listening …

7. I’d Wait For Life Gary ballad. soooo sad :) It’s the 3rd single of the album and unfortunately it didn’t get much attention. There was a music video made but it’s very hard to find the whole of the clip. Anyway it’s one more proof of how well the four-piece song writing works for them :) You could think it’s all Gary’s work, given that perfect lead vocal on it, but in the bonus materials there’s a really nice chat with them, where they say how they’ve played with the piece, invented the BVs ( = backing vocals 8-) etc.


8. Ain’t No Sense In Love – a beautiful song about love which is blind in choosing and so one can fall in love even with the “wrong” person who is actually no good for them. Which, funnily enough, can be applied to my Take That mania at the moment. Especially the part where it says “You’re not the one I need, you’re just the one that I want; makes perfect sense to me.” For I really don’t need to spend so much time on news, pictures, videos… I mean, all of this, all the time I give to it… it might not be good for me, but… “There ain’t no sense in love” O:)

9. What You Believe In – Mark ballad, not dissimilar to the first one… Never mind, he has a lovely voice.

10. Mancunian Way – lead vocal: Howard :) It’s very nice what they say about this song. Mancunian Way is a street, or rather a road, going through Manchester, but what’s interesting, is that it can also have another meaning like “the way of Mancuanians” … the way they behave, live, walk… anything :) The song is built on the theme of their home town and their history there. And a little cherry on the top of the cake: at the very end of the song a little bit is sung by Howard’s daughter :)

11. Wooden Boat – aaaah, this one is really special! First of all, it is the first Take That song ever (!!!) with Jason on lead vocal :) So it is an important milestone in a story of gaining confidence and courage. It is quite a simple song in a way. It focuses mainly on guitar and voice, both of them so gorgeous that my heart, brought up on folk and country music, immediately fell in love with the song :) I first listened to it at the end of a mentally very difficult week. I was home alone, angry at myself, devastated, I couldn’t even sing anymore. I just really wasn’t feeling well at all. But this song and it’s melody… I couldn’t resist! and I slowly joined in. Very lightly at first, but I listened to it again and again… and it turned into this beautiful harmony that I sing with it every time from that moment. Wooden Boat got me singing again. Even if you weren’t going to listen to any of the other songs, you have to hear this one! It swerves from their up to then repertoire in the style of the song itself and also in the way it’s performed on the BW Tour. He was rightly nervous, Jay-darling was, but he made it :) I couldn’t decide between playing you the studio version or the live one, but the live performance won me over in the end. There are certain imperfections, but they make it more authentic and even more beautiful :) Enjoy!

“Sometimes we don’t know what we’re waiting for, that’s the time to be the first one on the dancefloor.”

*bonus track: 12. Butterfly – I’ve learned that Take That seem to like to hide a bonus song on their albums. After the last track you’ll have like 4 minutes of silence and then BAM! surpriiise, another song! very nice :)

That’s it from Beautiful World. Take care, everyone. I’m afraid it will take me a while to put together the articles about The Circus. For it will be very hard to choose what to play, or rather what not to...

God save the Queen, God save Take That and God save all of you!