Once again I state that the following is merely a translation of what was written ages ago. My views may have developed since then, my knowledge deepened... Still in the process of translating. Sorry it's taking so long, folks, but we're getting there ;)

original date of publishing: 8.12.2010

Now let’s try to lay aside all the excitement surrounding the new album and in the peace and quiet before Christmas (haha) let’s dive our ears into The Circus :) I think I can say it’s my favourite TT album, although it’s hard to tell why exactly… On the contrary to Beautiful World, this one took its time, before I’ve grown to like it. Not too much of time though. And even here there were songs that got me immediately, the first time I heard them. But on the whole it took a few more listens. And then The Circus carved its way deep into my heart (ha! drama queen aren’t I? :D ) whence I daresay it shall never disappear. This article was not easy for me. Choosing what songs I should play you, and in what versions, seemed almost a superhuman achievement. Especially because, as I have indicated, I do intend to focus on The Circus Live tour a bit later… and I want to combine these really well. Anyway, I hope you’ll survive my rambling... The album The Circus saw the daylight on 1 Dec 2008…

1. The Garden – and right at the beginning it’s one of the important songs. Third single of the album, but a truly magical song nonetheless.  There are so many nice things about it. For example the fact that although the lead is sang by Mark, each of the lads has his special solo bit in it, so it’s kind of a ... collective thing. And then, very important to me, it’s the lyrics – especially in the chorus. Truth be told, it could be interpreted in a different way (than the one I see), if I say it very blatantly, it could mean something like “Come on, girl, carpe diem! life’s too short.” But it’s up to the listener what they see in it. And I like to take things a bit further than the primary meaning… (Although what’s primary and what’s not quite depends on the person listening to the song… ) I for one didn’t even think of this interpretation. And I don’t even think that’s what TT meant by it… When I hear the chorus, the first thing that comes to my mind is that God sent me to this world so I would love the ones around me. Just like with many other songs, it’s nice to take it out of the traditional context…

Choosing which version of The Garden I shall play you was an unbelievable task. I abandoned the official music video, which is, fair to say, ethereally blurry and the audio is perfect of course, but I wanted to offer you a live version instead. Not from the tour, I mean. The tour version of The Garden is something very unique and magical and will be given its appropriate space and glory when the time comes. A while ago, when I was planning this article out, and I listened to various versions on youtube (from live TV appearances and such) they absolutely captured me. I had the headphones firmly pressed onto my ears and the harmony just took me and lifted me up… It was so beautiful that I couldn’t even watch!!! and there is something to watch, let me tell you, but I couldn’t. The blending of the voices was so amazing that I couldn’t disturb it with any visual perceptions. I closed my eyes and my heart could barely hold in the immense beauty… and let me point out I had known the song before that. Anyway, I cannot guarantee it will have the same effect on you. Mainly because I don’t remember which of the versions it was. I’ve heard so many of them today, when I was choosing it, that… well it was quite difficult. And I’m still not quite sure about it, but whatever… In the end, I’ve chosen a performance from some kind of a tv show, Dutch apparently. I hope you like it. Turn it up and press the headphones to your ears ;)

This is the life we've been given
So open your mind and start living
We can play our part if we only start believing
This is the life we've been given
So open your heart and start loving
We can make a start if we only learn to listen

2. Greatest Day – We’ve already had that here, haven’t we? If I’m not wrong it was in my very first blog post about TT in May. The first single of the album and what a smasher. No surprise that it flew to no.1 :)

3. Hello – a nice, wordy a joyfull thing. I suppose we will run into it yet again…

4. Said It All – the fourth single. climbed up to no. 9 in the Official Chart. It’s a beautifully sad song. for times when you have nothing more to say… I’ve listened to it more then often recently… There’s a certain resignation, helplessness in it (well at least for me there is), but above all there’s exhaustion from the amount of words and tears you’ve gone through… and still you can’t say that it lacks a hint of hope… A very nice imaginative music video anticipates the circus theme of the tour and presents Take That as four sad clowns.

5. Julie – suuuuch a nice song! Markie has a real talent for this. One of the comments on youtube rightly observes: when you’re listening to it, it make you want your name to be Julie :) It’s just a song that reminds us sad Julies to enjoy life a bit more. I’ve thought very long about what should be the second song to play in this article. Not to collide with the future article on the tour. Eventually I decided for Julie, also because it’s one of the songs that do not get a chance in the Circus Live. Nevertheless you will get a little taste of the circus and artistic atmosphere. This version is from a television special… well, see for yourself. For the second time in this article, here’s Mark Owen singing for you.

6. The Circus – it took me a few listens. I guess I didn’t understand it properly at first. but I’ve got the special melody under my skin now… Again, it’s very simple. Just a piano, Gary. and a ballad about not making/forgetting/not being able to tell somebody you love them…

And there we go, the first half of the Circus album is over. It was exhausting, let me tell you. I hope you liked it or that it made you laugh at least, if nothing else… Sometimes I doubt… what it is that I’m trying to achieve here with these articles… On the other hand, the feeling when I finish off an article and publish it… is superb! :) So even if I was to read them and comment on them by myself, nothing’s gonna stop me from writing this :P