Here we are with some brand new music in 2013. At this point I would like to publicly thank the one reader who commented on the previous article regarding the future of this blog series. I would also like to say that the rest of you are lucky that he did, otherwise this article might not have happened at all. I wonder what would happen if I didn’t ask for any comments at all, or if I forbade them even :D

As I did not have much input from my readers, in the end I had to come up with a blog solution by myself. It was not easy to reach this decision, but as you can see I’m leaving the supercool two-column bilingual format. I expect that writing in 1 language only (hope you’re not surprised which one) will be less stressful and less time consuming, so maybe, fingers crossed, the articles might actually be posted on time from now on. I hope I am not causing too much trouble to those who used to read the left side of my articles… Oh wait! I should be saying this in Czech:

Doufám, že čtenáře ze zemí českých a slovenských toto moje rozhodnutí neurazí a že ho vezmou např. jako příležitost k procvičení angličtiny. Pokud nemáte co procvičovat, nebo nechcete, tak... je mi líto. Konec konců, písničky si můžete poslechnout vždycky, i bez čtení těch keců okolo.

Putting that aside, let’s listen to some music :)

Kind of revisiting the Cheryl Cole wave I had at the end of 2012, yet again, I start the new year with a song full of energy and dance. It’s called Call My Name and I give you one of the live performances, which pay less attention to detailed shots of the gorgeous leading lady’s curvaceous body, and more attention to the super cool dance routine. The moves have such a nice retro vibe :)

P.S. Cheryl is a damn good dancer. she does all that on heels, ladies and gentlemen.

Next up: Turn Around by dance music duo Phats & Small. Apparently, the song has been a big hit in 1999. I don’t understand how I could have missed such a great tune and only discover it now. The bass line is groovy and addictive. Not to mention that I “got to turn around.”

A song I’m throwing in just for good measure, because it’s interesting. Rudimental feat. John Newman.

Ok: Bruno Mars. Even though I dislike the majority of his singles (usually for stupid lyrics or uninventive melody, or both), it happens every now and then that I catch a video of his live performance: and it’s so brilliantly good that it makes me respect him as an artist. This song I kind of liked even before I saw it. Heard a bit of it on the radio, and it sounded different to the old Bruno stuff we’ve been hearing. And then I saw him perform it with his band. I like the band, like the moves, like the song, like the everything!!! Only I ask those who understand the lyrics not to translate them to those who don’t understand. lol

Saving the best till the very end, I will always remember January 2013 as the month when I went to see my first film in 3D, and the film was rememberable (among other things) for its music. Yes, I’m talking about The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey! Howard Shore fulfilled the expectations and delivered yet another gripping film score. You, my dear friends, will have the pleasure of hearing 2 songs that appear in the film. Yes, this is a 2-in-1 package :) First, a snippet of the dwarven ballad, Misty Mountains, that is so brilliantly performed by the very talented cast :) If you’ve read your Hobbit, you will recognize the words as one the songs Tolkien included in the text.

Second, based on the same theme, the original song written for the credits: The Song of the Lonely Mountain, performed by a kiwi recording artist Neil Finn & band. The lyrics are loosely based on the verse written by Tolkien and they explore the theme of the dwarves’ journey to reclaim their lost homeland and treasure. Not much to relate to at first glance,… However, I believe that at one point or another, most of us have had to fight for something that has been taken away from us: be it our freedom, our innocence, or identity … I don’t know about you, but every now and then I have to stand up and fight for who I am, fight for my own Lonely Mountain. And this song is like an ancient battle cry that helps me win. ok, I’m getting a little bit medieval now. Listen to the song instead:

I hope you liked my January music selection and that you don’t mind the language change. Well, if you have read down to here, you probably don’t :) Just in case you were wondering, for now the plan is to post 2013 articles as soon as I can, and somewhere in between finish all the 2012 posts (which will be done in both languages). So, take care, wrap up warm and listen to music! See you soon!

P.S. I am interested in your thoughts about the change of format. Language disclaimer: comments in English are welcome, but not necessary. Feel free to comment in Czech.

Komentáře můžete klidně psát česky ;)