Welcome, dear readers, to March edition of Music Monthly, historically the first one to be published simultaneously on both of my blogs. Yes, I have two, because I’m greedy.

What interesting things have you done in March? I for example started my transformation into a professional couch potato. Due to medical reasons though, not by choice. Which makes it slightly less enjoyable. Anyway, I hope you’re ready to listen to some good music. I’ve all kinds of genres ready for you, so let’s dig in.

We’re starting off with a nice acoustic tune: Let Her Go by Passenger. I first heard this on my way from the library, a couple of days before going to hospital. I wanted to stack up with some good books for when I’m stuck at home and unable to do anything. So I did that. And then this loveliness entered my ears… It was a cold and windy day. I like wind. The chorus of the song keeps fascinating me: it’s so simple, and yet, or maybe because of that, there is so much life and so much truth in it. On a lighter note: when it says “Only miss the sun when it starts to snow” I can’t help but think: No, we miss the sun when it hasn’t stopped snowing for about 5 or 6 months! Come on, weather! Sort yourself out!

Well this track is apparently a big hit at the moment or something. At least it was a couple of weeks ago. Thrift Shop by Macklemore. I "ran into it" by the means of a “parody video” made by Radio 1 DJs for a competition on Dan and Phil’s show. Btw, if you haven’t heard about this programme, it’s brilliant! It’s radio that you can watch online :) Firstly, because there are cameras in the studio, secondly, because the listeners/viewers can send in their own music videos to songs and the videos then get played while the song is on air. I think it’s such a brilliant way to encourage creativity in the audience! Back to the song and the music video: it’s a spoof of the original and it actually won the video-making competition. Also, just a quick note, this is the clean version of the song, fit for the ears of a BBC listener.

Next up on my list, Miracle by the electropop duo Hurts, first single from their current album called Exile. I have not yet encountered a Hurts song that I wouldn’t like and Miracle is no different. There’s an interesting story concerning the music video(s): Apparently, there have been two versions. However the first one somehow leaked before its release, was subsequently deleted and at the moment cannot be found online. Which is a shame because it is amazing! Wikipedia describes it as a dark and dramatic journey through a post-apocalyptic shopping mall. What’s not to like! Now there is a second official music video, which sadly cannot compare to the first one, in my opinion. I know and prefer the first version, because for some bizarre reason, a Czech music tv channel that I do not want to name, keeps playing it. I’m not entirely sure that’s legal. Anyway, I love the song! It’s just marvellously… dark,… but looking for a miracle :) And Theo’s lead vocal is pure perfection!

In contrast with previous darkness, don’t you think it’s about time we had some proper sunshine in our lives again? Therefore: here’s the brightest, sunniest, smiliest song that could possibly exist. It’s Good Morning, Sunshine by the talented Alex Day whom I discovered last month. If you are having a bad day, or just a slow and greyish morning, put this on. Honestly, if this song doesn’t cheer you up, or make you smile at least for a brief second, then commiserations, nothing will. Also, if you are a youtube junkie, you will thoroughly enjoy the music video as you will surely recognize many a familiar face in it. If however you actually have a real life (and no idea who the people featuring in the video are), don’t worry, it’s still fun to watch.

P.S. Whether you are reading this on God Save the Dancing Queen or on Dance the Drizzle, I am working on some more music-y and inspiring stuff about Alex Day, so stay tuned :)

Now, let’s finish March edition with a bang: Radioactive by an American indie rock band Imagine Dragons. Instead of the official music video, which is admittedly very interesting and features a pink radioactive teddy bear, I will offer you a slightly more dramatic video representation of the song. This one features runaway trains and what not - footage from a film called Unstoppable, which I haven’t seen – but it’s put together very nicely. No more words. I just like the big and raw sound of it.

There we go. March in tunes is over and done with :) Let me know in the comments how you like my music selection or if you have any interesting tips on what I should listen to in April. Until next time, dear readers! Take care :) xx